BKF Repair Tool – A Perfect Way

In this growing technology everyone makes backup of their important data as they doesn’t want to loose them, but sometimes users face some situations where they loose their backed up files. So to prevent from such situations and get back the important files here is the best solution described. Repair your corrupted or inaccessible files and restore them in few easy steps.

How To make Backup of Important files?

It is very easy to make backup of important files and everyone should create backup. Microsoft provides in-build feature NTBackup.exe in Windows XP to create backup of files but in other versions of Windows Operating System it doesn’t provide in-build feature, but one can easily use this software by downloading NT5Backup.cab. Download the utility and just follow the steps to make backup of any type of file and restore your backed up files whenever needed with the help of same utility. And you can easily restore your files whenever you want.

How Files Get Corrupted?

There are many chances of corruption in any type of file. The main reasons of corruption are as follows:

  1. Hardware/Software Issue
  2. CRC ( Cyclic Redundancy Check ) Error
  3. Abnormal Shut-down
  4. CPU Malfunction
  5. Human Error
  6. Sudden Power Cut
  7. Virus/bugs

Corruption Errors

  1. Backup file contains unrecognised data and cannot be used.
  2. There is no information contained in BKF File
  3. An inconsistency was encountered on the Requested media

How to Resolve Corruption Issues

If you find that your files are corrupted and you are facing many problems while restoring files. Some errors appears while restoring your backed up (bkf) files then the best solution is to step forward to BKF Repair Software.  Which is the best software to get rid of corrupted bkf files. This is the most simple. flexible and reliable to use. As this tool is discovered with the main aim to recover the inaccessible and corrupted bkf files as well as can also restore windows backup data.  Some of the most important features of this bkf repair tool are as follows:


  • Supports: It can be used in any version of Windows Like 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and all below versions.
  • Extract selective files: This bkf repair tool provides the option to extract only those files which are in use for the user. As it is not necessary in this tool to extract all the files which are repaired, it gives this option to user to extract only those files which the user wants.

  • No limitation on Size: In this bkf repair tool there is no limitation on size of the files to be extracted as one can easily extract any file of any size.

  • Scanning Modes: In bkf repair tool the user has three options to scan their corrupted bkf file. If the bkf file is less corrupted then we can use QUICK SCAN MODE, whereas if the bkf file is highly corrupted then the user should use DEEP SCAN MODE, if the user doesn’t want to scan the whole corrupted bkf file then the user can use RANGE BASED SCAN MODE which provides the scanning option through range based and it is not necessary to scan the whole file as this feature provides you the option to scan and explore only particular portion of file.

  • Save Scanned file:   If once the user scans the corrupted file then they can save the scanned file and it will automatically displays the previous scanned file. This feature will help to save the sure’s valuable time.

  • Option to Search: The user gets the option to search for the particular file from the long list of files. As all the files get repaired and there are large no of files and user doesn’t want to preview all the files or is not able to find any specific file in the list then they can easily search for the particular file by simply typing the name or the extension of the file and file will be displayed. This feature helps to make the software more flexible.

  • No Data Loss: This software does not support data loss like other third party utility. While accessing this software their will be no data loss of the user’s files but one can easily repair their files. 

  • Recover corrupted files: It also helps to recover not only the inaccessible files but also the corrupted files and the corruption can occur due to reasons like any hardware or software issue, human error, abnormal CPU shutdown, sudden power cut off or anything else. But this bkf repair tool helps to repair as well as recover the corrupted files.

  • Save Repaired File at Preferred Location: Once the file is repaired then the user can save the bkf file at any location, that is either at it’s original location or at any preferred location as this choosing option is given to the users. So one can decide the location to save the repair bkf file.

  • Tested and Secure: This bkf repair tool is tested and is free from bugs, viruses, malware and etc. which can harm the operating system. One can easily use this tool without any fear of corruption or data loss as this tool is secure and safe to use as it is tested many times.

  • Easy to Understand: BKF file recovery software which is the simplest tool to understand and use as it doesn’t require any technical knowledge to access the software. Without any other’s help you can use it and easily repair your files. 
  • Access in Windows 10: With the help of BKF Repair Tool you can easily open BKF Files in Windows 10. This tool is compatible with very version of Windows OS.

Download / Purchase:

You should first download the FREE demo version as this will provide you the overview of the working of  bkf repair tool. The free demo version of this software doesn’t provide you the option to extract  bkf files, but you  can  view them. For exporting the repaired file you have to purchase the full licensed version which has no limitations and is available easily.



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